krestovina derp

Cole's backpack

The replica backpack/messenger bag thing isn't really that big is it? I hate carrying a purse around and my pockets are never big enough to hold everything, so I was thinking of actually using Cole's backpack lol

Also if there's an Infamous 3 I want to play as Zeke, MGS2 it where you start out as Cole but then it was just Zeke dreaming or something.

I haven't played iF2 yet since I'm waiting for Christmas but I spoiled myself a lil bit =n= Not on all the details, idfk why everything happened, but I know WHAT happened. Mostly.

I'm so tempted to go down the evil path first just so I can, you know, lmao, god the music in that scene is SO HEARTWRENCHING
It's about as big as it is in the game, honestly. :o It's a decent size and holds a lot of things. I used mine at a convention I went to and it worked awesomely.

also i would love to play as Zeke. he is the best character, after all. |D

and lolololool i hate evil cole but inFamous 2 just gives me even more reason to hate him. ALL THE HATE.
oh cool =w= I can't wait for mine now

all of infamous 3 is just Zeke's crazy dream, so we get to play as him with powers
that will be my crazy dream

my friend has the biggest boner for evil!Cole lmao
I've decided to be a HERO!!! first though because I just can't do a non-canon path first
I WISH IT WOULD BE. that would be the best game everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

wtf evil cole is a jackass though. The only thing i want to do with him is drown him in a river. >:I

i always end up playing hero first...and then evil for trophies and then in any additional play i always play as hero. idk why i'm not bored of the game yet. lol
HE'S SUCH A SADIST and he thinks nix is hot too so it's just so many boners for evil cole

also he likes evil cole's tattoos lmao

i don't like being evil because even though i am a total sadist towards individual characters, i feel SO AWFUL killing all these poor random citizens


oh ot but zeke's sad faces

in the first one, as my friend said, "he looks like he's judging a mediocre piece of meat"
and in the second one wow zeke your forehead like, doubled, dang
I actually really like Nix..I didn't at first, but after playing through evil she grew on me...another reason I dislike evil Cole, honestly. :|

LOL ME TOO. and i just... idk i never saw any motivation for cole to be evil. it just didn't make sense to me.

lmao the second one it looks like his face is melting off. THE FIRST ONE MAKES ME SAD THOUGH. :( its actually inside the the fold out for the inFamous 2 SE and my first thought on seeing that was "why did they put depressed zeke in here. THIS MAKES ME SAD NOW :[" srsly though why did they put depressed zeke in the artwork for the box. thats just mean.
i love nix but not kuo, i'm glad she dies in the hero playthrough
i wish nix lived though :(((

i can understand why he would be evil but i don't think he would be evil in the way the games make him, i can't see him ever being just like YEAH I GOT POWERS, LET'S BLOW EVERYONE UP

in the second one he reminds me of john goodman.....
also dang, i want more sad zeke, make my heart break zeke come on IT HURTS SO GOOD

i can't stop talking now i'm sorry, yesterday i was thinking of who could be zeke in a live action infamous movie
someone said jack black and i swear to fuck, if he gets anywhere near an infamous movie project, i will diarrhea all over america



i want an infamous movie because i like movies but NO JACK BLACK, PLEASE The ice powers are way cooler but I didn't much like her as a character either. Its sucky Nix dies either way.. :s its worse in the evil ending though. WAY WORSE. :( evil cole is a douche.

lmfao jack black o god no. D:> he is no.

inFamous has potential to be a really good movie, but I just have to wonder if they'd do it right. (probably not. :'D) someone has the license to make an inFamous movie.. I forget who though (probs sony lol) but that doesn't mean anything.
don't tell me exactly what happens bc i haven't played yet!! =w=

if it does end up as a movie i'll probably enjoy it no matter what because i'm one of those fans, but i don't think it will happen any time soon

omg i have to tell you what my friend just said about that one cutscene in if2, YOU KNOW THE ONE

"I think the video cut off right before the smooth jazz starts playing and zeke goes over to help him up and help his clothes off and help his dick in his ass yeah fuck me electric boy let me feel that electricity all through my body"
OK I WON'T. but nix is still p cool.

I'll probably watch it and find something to be butthurt about because ITS NOT JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL ONE I PLAYED 20+ TIMES RARRRRRRRRRRR but then warm up to it later anyway secretly. but i don't think it would happen either. which is why i find it odd that someone wanted to license it to begin with. XD; ah well.

LOL....thats probably what ended up happening anyway ok.

who do u think would be a good zeke??? i couldn't think of any fat dudes in hollywood besides seth rogen, jonah hill and zach galafunkass and none of them really fit....

omg that reminds me that i saw this dude on da that made the most amazing zeke, i kinda wanna bone him real bad

in costume

with the sunglasses on
LMAOLMAO. thats gross.

AND UHM.....i am not sure really. D: I am not too familiar with most actors. ALL I DO IS PLAY VIDEO GAMES. cass had someone that looked pretty good though but his name is escaping me at the moment.
dan aykroyd could have did it when he was younger, i'm pretty sure that's why i liked zeke so much at first, because i thought he looked like him a lil bit
shit look at him though
i want to rub dicks

if he ever sees this I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING CREEPY but i still want to rub dicks if ur up for it
actually, he does look like he would work too.

i would just want anyone playing zeke to be able to give lengthy somewhat believable zeke stories because that is also what makes zeke awesome.

also that is a good zeke cosplay but not so much on the cole. lol. also evil cole -100 points