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Oh look, a rant/possible artist beware/where are they??

So on March 7th, my friend commissioned blackcoffee/neversayneverland for me for my birthday (which had already passed, it was on March 3rd). Just sent them the money and let me tell them everything. I commissioned them for three colored digital sketches for $30. I didn't give them a deadline, which was pretty dumb of me.

A couple weeks later my friend asked me if the artist had gotten the money; I hadn't thought to verify it since I just figured they got it. I left them a message on their tumblr and a few days passed without it being answered, even though I'd seen them reblogging things, so I sent them another asking if the previous ask had gone through. It was early April when they answered it the next day. They said they got the money and would be working on the commissions later that week.

Another month goes by and I haven't heard anything of the commissions, so I IM her (most of it took place through AIM) and ask about the status of my commissions. She said that school was kicking her ass but she would be finally free that weekend and would finish them by that Saturday. I said that it was fine and I could wait longer, which was probably a bad idea. Come Saturday, I get nothing. I wait until Thursday to IM her again, and she signs off an hour after I IM her without answering me. She hasn't been on AIM since, and hadn't posted anything on tumblr since the middle of May.

A while later I e-mail her (e-mail sent a month ago now), asking for a refund. No reply. I see that she commented over on the Thor kink meme on a RP account, so I debate a while over whether or not I should PM her there. Two weeks ago now, I did send the PM, repeating what I said about the refund. Still no reply. Maybe a week ago now I asked her roommate (iamthespacecadet on tumblr and beatfu on y!g) via tumblr to tell her I've been trying to get in contact with her. She said she told her, and I still haven't received a reply, but the artist has apparently reblogged something on tumblr in June, so she's around and knows I'm trying to contact her so... Yeah, idk what to do here? I feel terrible because it's not my money she has, but my friend's, and I'm not sure if I should send her an ask on tumblr and PM her on y!g too or if that would be too much.

I'm sad too because my other commission experiences with her have been fine, what the hell happened this time?

Edit: Sent her roommate another ask to tell Abby I want a refund on the 2nd of July
krestovina derp

Cleaning up??

Ok so I went back and made every post except my more recent ones completely private. I wanted to have a fresh journal or something but also didn't want to delete all those posts or go look through them, so... I guess it's sort of fresh now for other people who see it, haha.

But hi yes I am Danny/Danlion and I have sort of abandoned LJ oops. :( I'll be back eventually.